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Greetings from SM-crew

Well Received

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We are SM-Crew

We are a select group of highly creative people who develop imagination into reality.
By combining creativity and technology, we work to convey messages through animation. We work using imagination to produce animations that are effective in conveying messages

Our team is formed of various species, each of whom has mastered important skills to support the formation of a spectacular animation

In our squad, both beginners and seniors are all trained with the same standards in exploring animation projects. remaining flexible and solutive is the soul that we maintain. everyone wants to be perfect but there are many paths to perfection

Together, we are ready to explore your imagination to bring your visuals to a greater dimension

Spacemonkeys Astronout

Meet Our Crew

Spacemonkeys Profile

Aditya Adinata


Spacemonkeys Profile

Rahadinan Dinan

Creative Director

Spacemonkeys Profile

Niken Prawiranauli

Animation Producer

Spacemonkeys Profile

Winny Artha

Finance Specialist

Spacemonkeys Profile

Danila Abriyanti

Production Assistant

Spacemonkeys Profile

Retno Pambudi

Sr. Account

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